Converting Audible books

A very succinct guide on converting Audible’s proprietary .aax DRM audiobook format into .m4b and other standard formats playable on most any device.

(Foolish) optimism

Here are a few very brief and incomplete notes that I came up with while writing to a friend in defense of my optimism regarding the future of the US, slightly adapted.

Quick reflection

I thought I would at least take this chance to log my experience so far now that it’s been a week of consistent posts (and a few days of less-than-consistent ones).

Nature walk

I joined my flatmates for a quick walk in the woods today upon one’s invitation, having sequestered myself in the apartment for days without direct sunlight and only the breeze afforded by my window.

Family values

I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in a video call last weekend that included much of my increasingly global extended family.


I find it inevitable that I explore the freedom of my thoughts uninhibited, particularly as this blog is an exercise in voluntary writing.

The Righteous Mind

Book review: Social intuitionism, moral foundations theory, and other frameworks to better explain and understand the diversity of moral systems that anyone in a democracy must be able to contend with.


There’s something rather wonderful about rediscovering a friendship with an old friend or family member that you haven’t talked to in a while.

Global music

As part of better understanding what types of music fit my various mental states and moods, I have been trying to find music when reading or writing material that requires a little less cognitive load.


How does one even begin to prioritize and choose between longer-term undertakings spanning several months or more?