I finally decided to make the trek out of my apartment today to replenish on groceries after more than a week of quarantining myself, and in the midst of widespread self-quarantining to limit spread of the coronavirus.


I was in a conversation some few weeks ago with a friend in which they claimed to feel pride because of the country they were from, in contrast to many other places which handled the issue in question differently.


I started this daily notes sub-blog to have a more frictionless way to post daily thoughts without the commitment of composing a full blog post.


Taking a moment to reflect on the value of feeling like you belong and are accepted for who you are.

Clojure web dev

A tutorial to get beginners to Clojure or web development acquainted with using Compojure and Heroku.

Git hook for static sites hosted on S3

A simple hook to sync a static site (generated, in this case) to AWS S3 with every Git push.