Intro web dev with Clojure

(This tutorial was first given as a talk at a Michigan Hackers event on 2015-07-23. See my slides here. I have explained the first portion of the content here in more depth.)

I will start by talking about some basics of Clojure, then move onto explaining the fundamental purpose of a backend in web development, and finish with a demo of a simple web app (with complete code) that you can deploy to Heroku with a one-click button or try out on another platform of your choice.

What is Clojure? (besides the best language ever!)

Tools you will need

Some basics of Clojure

As mentioned earlier, variables are essentially always immutable in Clojure

(def my-name "Vinay")

More basics of functions in Clojure

Confused by all of the parentheses?

An arithmetic expression