Vinay Hiremath


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I started this blog unaware of the range of the topics I would touch on. Within the first week of consistent posts, I have already changed the format a few times to reflect this indecision. However, I knew that over time I would attempt personal topics more often, leaning towards events in my own life that don’t claim relevance to anyone else. I find it inevitable that I explore the freedom of my thoughts uninhibited, particularly as this blog is an exercise in voluntary writing. I also aim to operate it with the expectation of zero readership, so under this assumption I have nothing to lose. In any case, I can’t imagine encumbering myself to avoid the small chance of discomfort or a gaffe is a wise long-term strategy.

On political issues, for instance, I don’t think I could even commit to a specific stance on a controversial political issue long enough to write about it in a manner I would later regret. I find myself increasingly hesitant and even skeptical of cementing my views in a specific direction, likely in a newfound attempt to maintain vigilance towards oversimplifications or generalizations. I don’t think this will prove sustainable, especially as I regularly find myself pressured to present more succinct, bold, and perhaps less judicious answers to these questions when asked by friends. In any case, I still have a very long way to go, and I’m interested in exploring other avenues to get there. I briefly resumed mindfulness meditation practice recently, and I am hopeful that my efforts there may yield (among other things) a more considered demeanor.