Vinay Hiremath

Quick reflection

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I got a little behind on the last few posts, so here’s my chance to catch up. I hope that if I average one post per day the effects of this 100 day experiment will largely be retained. I thought I would at least take this chance to log my experience so far now that it’s been a week of consistent posts (and a few days of less-than-consistent ones). I wasn’t really sure what to expect at the outset, and I likely wouldn’t given that the few people I found online who had tried something similar all seemed to start from different places and varied in their experiences as well. There are a few things I would hope for, however. First, a better sense of how to go about identifying fleeting thoughts that are at least slightly interesting for me to continue thinking about them. Second, an improved ability to pick apart these thoughts and connect them to other ideas or events (often from my life) to arrive at a coherent narrative. Third, fluidity in the mechanics of writing to more accurately convey the thought, including the incorporation of thoughtful vocabulary and sentence structure where appropriate.